Question: How do remanufactured products work?

Answer: As required. Ink jet cartridges and toners are equivalent with the originals given that empty ones are refilled. Their insertion and use correspond do that of the originals. Cartridges need to be inserted as indicated on the printer and after a test sheet, you can use them.

Question: What are the differences between remanufactured and clone cartridges?

Answer: Actually remanufactured cartridges are built from a one time used original cartridges , if you chose remanufactured you are saving costs and protect environment , clones are built newbuilt non-OEM toner and inkjet cartridges. Most of these products are produced in China and other South East Asian countries. They are normally very similar, or even identical, to the original cartridges produced by the original equipment manufacturer (=hereafter OEM). But as OEM cartridges are often (partially) patented across Europe, many of these newbuilt non-OEM cartridges infringe one or more OEM-patents or design rights.

So make sure that you only buy cartridges that have been remanufactured in accordance with the law.

You can read about clones on the following link pdf-flat

Question: Is there a guarantee on the cartridges?

Answer: Yes, our company offers full guarantee on our products. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality of the cartridges, our company replaces them with no charge or you can have your money back. We kindly accept complaints concerning our products if the cartridges are full, without damage and claims are made within expiry date. Please, have a look at our guarantee statement.

Question: Do I lose the guarantee on my printer if I use remanufactured products?

Answer: No, the guarantee on the printer remains valid even if you do not use original cartridges.

In fact, according to the law, complaints concerning the printer must not be refused if unoriginal cartridges are used. In this case, the producer of the printer would bear the burden to prove that the fault was caused by the replacement toner. If the producer of your printer still refuses to comply with its guarantee certificate, our company is willing to accept responsibility and supply you with a new printer.

Question: Is the remanufactured cartridge cheaper than the original?

Answer: Yes, the price may differ by 40%!

Question: Is there just as much ink in the remanufactured cartridges as in the original ones?

Answer: Yes, there is just as much ink or more. Every cartridge is refilled with the same quantity of ink or toner as the original product(OEM), you can print the same or more pages with our remanufactured cartridges. The amount of ink is indicated on the packaging, as well.

Question: Can I store the replacement cartridge at home? 

Answer: Yes, as long as it is within the expiry date indicated on the packaging. However, cartridges ought to be closed, stored on room temperature and protected from direct sunlight.

Question: How can I attain optimal performance with my cartridge?

Answer: The quality of printed documents depends both on the quality of cartridge and paper used. When printing photos, use photo paper. You will be astonished by the result.

Question: My cartridge is not working. Whom should I contact?

Answer: If the problem persists, bring your cartridge back to the place of purchase and ask for examination.

Question: Where can I give away my empty cartridges?

Answer: Actually, at all sales points. In some cases, you may receive money in return. Your supplier would be more than happy to tell you about your options.